speak your mind.

save your thoughts.

SPEAKCV. is a desktop client that automates video call actions with OpenCV.


the works.

it begins with...

openCV, a machine learning model trained to recognize facial features with dot projection.

SPEAKCV. is interested in the landmark points on a person's mouth to determine if a person is speaking.

...and then...

OBS Studio, which acts as a bridge between SPEAKCV. and Zoom, allowing us to analyze a live video stream with our model.

...and finally...

Tkinter allows us to create graphical user interface for SPEAKCV. settings and options.

SPEAKCV. will unmute your mic when you speak, and will mute after you stop talking for a duration of your choosing.

the demo.

the bois.

anthony tedja.

the guy who makes things look pwetty.

hani asim.

worker minion #1.

kevin shin.

worker minion #2.

raghav sharma.

worker minion #3.